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  1. Eco Yoga Pack Sale
    Eco Yoga Pack
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  2. Standard Yoga Pack Sale
    Standard Yoga Pack
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  3. Eco mat n Organic Bolster gift pack Sale
    Eco mat n Organic Bolster gift pack
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  4. Lite & Easy Yoga Gift pack Sale
    Lite & Easy Yoga Gift pack
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  5. Beginners Yoga Pack Sale
    Beginners Yoga Pack
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  6.  Rubber Mat Gift Pack Sale
    Rubber Mat Gift Pack
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  7. Bolster Gift Pack Sale
    Bolster Gift Pack
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  8. Cork Mat & Socks Gloves set Sale
    Cork Mat & Socks Gloves set
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  9. Essential Yoga Pack Sale
    Essential Yoga Pack
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  10. Large Organic Bolsters
    As low as US$45.78
  11. Small Bolster
    As low as US$29.42
  12. Pranayama Pillow
    As low as US$32.69
  13. Sand Bags
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Items 1-20 of 64

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Practicing yoga has become more and more popular these days with more people opting for it. When people realize the benefits of practicing yoga and the way it helps to relax mind and body they become interested in yoga. Yoga helps in relaxing stressed out minds, reduce pains of muscles and joints, improve overall health and contributes to maintaining fitness. At Yoga King, we offer best yoga props to help you practice yoga in the right way. Here are some of the yoga props available at our store:

Larger, Softer and Better- Yoga Bolster

Various types of yoga supply are available at our online store. Even yoga bolsters are available in different types and sizes. We have organic bolsters which are of a larger diameter than the usual ones. These are larger ones but softer too. These bolsters ensure that you get maximum relaxation while practicing yoga. The yoga bolsters are made of highly durable and organic cotton covers on the outside. The insides are filled with kapok that is highly environment-friendly, attractive in appearance and durable. 

The extra advantage is that the outer cover can be easily removed with the help of a zip. The inner sides of the yoga bolster are lined with calico. The perfect stitch of the yoga bolster ensures that it gets a good finish on the outside. This yoga bolster is 75cm in length, 27 cm diameter, and is about 2.30kg in weight. The regular bolsters are much more firm in filling while these bolsters are much more softer ones. These are available in a range of colors like navy blue, black, and burgundy. You can check our yoga products online to get this yoga bolsters home just by a click.

Team up a yoga starter kit with the right yoga equipment

There is a broad range of yoga supplies to choose from at the online store of Yoga King. But when you are a newbie and have decided to start yoga practice in a professional way, the first thing to buy would be a yoga starter kit. A yoga starter kit and yoga equipment help you to make the right move. Team it up with ideal yoga accessories, and you are ready! 

Our yoga starter kit consists of one 4mm Yoga King Yoga mat, two foam blocks, both made of highly durable yoga materials. The kit also contains one large yoga bolster made of organic cotton and filled with kapok, 2m yoga belt, yoga mat strap, two organic cotton blankets, socks, gloves and also a yoga DVD containing instructions for beginners.

Embrace yoga in your daily life routines and enjoy a new healthier, stress-free version of the new you.